$65.00 Per Day

The MP15 MicroPurge® basics™ Sample Pack combines advanced lowflow control with the quiet power of a built-in compressed gas source, for the ultimate in portability and ease of use. The simplified flow and drawdown control features of basics control are housed in a molded case along with a lightweight CO2 cylinder, putting everything you need to operate a bladder pump into one easily portable unit. A standard padded nylon case protects the MP15 in transport, provides over-the-shoulder on-site carrying convenience, and even has a hook on the back to let you hang it from the well casing during sampling. The MP15 also includes a bypass fitting, so you can now use one handy unit to sample from both hard to reach wells and from wells accessible with larger gas cylinders and/or compressors.

To be used with QED Bladder Pump.  The MP-15 functions like the MP-10 Controller and Compressor combined.

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