Geotech Bladder Pump

$115.00 Per Day

The Geotech Bladder Pump was designed with groundwater sampling as it’s main purpose. They are constructed with easy-to-clean #316 stainless steel and trouble-free PTFE bladders to ensure durability and sample integrity. Both low flow rates for sampling and higher flow rates for purging are possible with the Geotech Bladder Pump.

Geotech’s pneumatic Bladder Pumps operate with an air-driven action. Timed ON/OFF cycles of compressed air alternately squeeze the flexible bladder to displace water out of the pump to the surface then exhaust the air allowing the pump to refill. Geotech Bladder Pumps can pump from as deep as 1000 feet (305 meters) with minimal agitation for the best representative samples.

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