Petite Ponar

$35.00 Per Day

The Ponar Samplers, or ‘Grab Samplers’, are used in fresh and salt water for taking shallow sediment samples from hard bottoms such as sand, gravel, consolidated marl or clay.

This scaled-down sampler gives a whole new meaning to the word “petite.” We mean it can be easily carried by one person in one hand. You may still need good muscle mass, but, since it weighs under 25 pounds, you can use it on a line without the winch and crane recommended for the larger version. Closing mechanism releases when the dredge strikes bottom; locking “safety pin” prevents accidental closing. Dredges are constructed of corrosion-resistant stainless steel; jaw weights and arms are zinc-plated. Top surfaces are covered with #30-mesh screen to reduce shock waves and drifts, and to prevent sediments and organisms from escaping.

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