Solinst Sonic Water Level

Solinst Sonic Water Level

$35.00 Per Day

The Solinst Sonic Water Level Meter is a portable, acoustic ranging instrument designed to simply and quickly measure depth to static water level in a well, piezometer, sounding tube, or any closed pipe.

The Sonic Water Level Meter works by the Probe transmitting a sound wave into the pipe, tube, or well and measuring the time it takes for the pulse to return after making contact with water. The depth to water is calculated using the speed of sound and time. Since the speed of sound varies with temperature, the temperature sensor located in the Probe adjusts for variations.

The Sonic Water Level Meter reports static water level measurements without having to put any instruments down the well, eliminating any introduction of chemicals and the need to decontaminate equipment or wells.

The Solinst Sonic Water Level Meter works in straight or crooked pipes, and is ideal for wells with difficult access. Depth measurements to 600 m (2000 ft) are possible.

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