TSI Flow Calibrator

TSI Flow Calibrator

$25.00 Per Day

Measures gas flow in applications demanding fast response and high accuracy over a wide flow range. Reads Temperature, Flow Rate and Volume.

TSI mass flow meters utilize a thermal film sensor to measure gas flow.  Like a thermal anemometer, it measures gas flow by sensing changes in heat transfer rate from a small, electrically heated sensor exposed to the gas under study.

The TSI Mass Flow Meter 4140 (0.01-20 L/min / Air, O2 , N2 / 1/4″ tube) can be used for a multitude of gas flow measurement applications. Whether measuring gas flows in a laboratory or manufacturing setting, TSI mass flow meters provide accurate results with multiple data output options. The display versions come complete with accessories making setup and operation fast and convenient.

The TSI mass flow meters are specified as two percent of flow rate reading. One TSI mass flow meter covers the same range as three percent (or more) of full scale devices, with better accuracy at most points. Four millisecond response ensures accuracy in fluctuating flows. This fast response time of the TSI mass flow meter is ideal for closed-loop control systems and integrated volume measurements. Low pressure drop of the TSI mass flow meter minimizes flow circuit back pressure and its impact on the system.


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