Dräger Pump

Dräger Pump

$20.00 Per Day

Fast measurement with one hand: The Dräger-Tube pump Accuro allows you draw 100mL per stroke.

The Dräger-Tube pump Accuro is a manual pump used for spot measurements such as the detection of concentration peaks, confined space entry, worst-case scenarios etc. When measuring, the pump body (bellows) is pressed together completely. The exhaust valve is closed during the opening phase of the bellows so that the gas sample flows through the connected Dräger-Tube into the pump. After the complete opening of the pump body into its original position the suction process is finished. The end of stroke is visible by a pressure-controlled end of stroke indication, located in the pump head.

During the sampling process the substances to be evaluated are firstly accumulated on a suitable carrier material, e.g. activated charcoal, silica gel and so on. The air to be evaluated is thereby drawn over the respective material – with a predefined flow rate and duration. Afterwards, the substances that have accumulated on the carrier material through adsorption or chemisorption are examined qualitatively and quantitatively in the laboratory using instrumental analysis such as gas chromatography.

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