Masterflex Peristaltic Pump

From: $25.00

The Masterflex peristaltic pump features a rechargeable battery makes pump ideal for field applications, a single-turn potentiometer for speed control, an ON indicator, three-position power/reversing, and a reversible flow and prime/purge function. This unit is simply designed for rugged field use.

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– Weekly: $87.00
– Monthly: $262.50

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The Masterflex peristaltic pump pumping system mates the newest Masterflex portable sampling drive with a Quick Load pump head, for a powerful but versatile unit that takes to the field like a duck to water. The pump head accepts L/S 13, 14, 16 or 25 tubing, and tubing changes in the field can be made in a matter of minutes without having to remove the pump head from the drive. The stainless steel rotor offers across-the-board chemical resistance. A one-turn potentiometer controls pump speed, or the MAX switch immediately takes the pump to maximum speed. Purging and sampling are accomplished with a rotational direction switch that selects forward or reversible flow. The entire drive and head assembly is housed in a highly visible protective enclosure.

Masterflex features:
Rechargable battery makes pump ideal for field applications
Features a single-turn potentiometer for speed control, ON indicator, and three-position power/reversing
Reversible flow and prime/purge function

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