Welcome to PALMS Environmental, LLC. We have been serving the environmental industry since 1999.

At PALMS Environmental, you’ll find the lowest rental rates for environmental and survey instrumentation in the industry. We offer industry standard testing equipment for all environmental applications including water quality and soil contamination detection.

Palms truckOur environmental instruments are designed and built to deliver reliable data and performance. To insure that every instrument maintains a high level of performance, our technicians test and conduct calibration routines after each project. When you rent our instruments, it has been fully tested and it is ready for your application. You can always count on PALMS instruments to deliver superior performance on your project.

PALMS Environmental also offers a full line of the finest survey instrumentation in the industry. From Auto Levels to Total Stations, we can satisfy your project requirements. If your own instruments require repairs or calibration, our expert technical support staff is available to service your needs. We feel confident that you’ll recognize Palms as your one-stop store for Rentals, Supplies and Service.

Please feel free to browse our web site. For pricing and availability, check out our rental instrument and supply catalogs. Place your order directly through our on-line store. If you have any questions, see our contact information below.